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Tourist hits $ 1 million jackpot while playing Video Poker in Las Vegas

Sean Barris, a tourist from Ohio had the chance of a lifetime in Las Vegas. After playing a game of Poker at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Sean B. won over $ 1 million.

A jackpot won with a $ 5 layaway

A new millionaire has been reported from the Las Vegas side in a progressive jackpot game. There is no longer any doubt about the City of Light, because everyone has a chance. Just a few hours ago, an American tourist from the state of Ohio took a trip to Las Vegas to spend some time. For fun, the tourist named Sean Barry took part in a game in the legendary The Venetian Resort Las Vegas casino, belonging to the Las Vegas Sands group. It was a game of Three Card Poker at a progressive jackpot table in the casino.

The game was obviously exciting, as Sean B. made another side bet, in order to increase the amount of potential winnings. Thus, the player bet 5 dollars in addition to his game, in order to multiply his winnings in the event that he is the winner. A few minutes later, Sean Barris presents his cards, it’s a royal flush, all the player needed. He thus won the progressive jackpot of exactly 1,010,155 dollars, a real small fortune.

The fifth millionaire at the Venetian Casino

It is therefore by playing Three Card Poker that Sean Barris, the resident of Ohio who came as a tourist, became the fifth millionaire that the Venetian casino had in Las Vegas.

You should still know that in this kind of game, the minimum possible gain is $ 1 million. This amount increases as the bettors play and lose. Also, in the case of the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, the odds of winning are the same whether you are on an Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker or Mississippi table. Stud. This is what makes winnings of over $ 1 million possible and sometimes recurring. In the game of Poker in question here, all you need to do is wager 5 dollars on the side to try your luck at becoming a millionaire.

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